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Aesthetic clinic - Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery - Aesthetic doctor - Dentiste - Hygiéniste dentaire - Acupuncture

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31 March 2021
Elisabeth N.
Peeling + Microneedling
Arnaque du micronideling fait avec Dr pen et des produits Ibcccndc achetés sur Aliexpress je ne reviendrai pas et en parlerai autour de moi
La Clinique,  01 April 2021

Nous sommes très surpris de votre commentaire, nous travaillons qu'avec des produits de marque comme Mesoesthetic, Nescens, etc... En aucun cas nos produits proviennent d'un site chinois. Nous regrettons que vous n'ayez pas aimé notre prestation qui bénéficie d'un très bon retour de nos patients.
29 March 2021
Rita G.
Peeling + Microneedling
As usual, service was great. Both the facial and the recommendations. Thank you for having made commercial gesture to excuse the second last minute change in appointment- I super appreciate it.
27 March 2021
Sara B.
Très bien accueillie ! Rdv a l heure ! Médecin très bien et patiente, gentille malgré mes craintes. Directeur très attentif
25 March 2021
Jorun B.
Peeling + Microneedling
23 March 2021
Vanessa V.
Peeling + Microneedling
23 March 2021
Nada S.
Hair Removal Underarms Laser ALMA
20 March 2021
Rachel T.
Peeling + Microneedling
19 March 2021
Allison B.
Peeling + Microneedling
I have had this treatment through Buy Club in other centres in Geneva & found them to be superior in terms of the overall pampering experience. Although I look forward to the results (which I’m sure will leave my skin glowing) this had no frills;. It felt rather slap dash & wasn’t a salon experience facial. No massage whilst the mask was on etc. I got what it said on the tin & that’s it!
19 March 2021
Anita G.
Peeling + Microneedling
It was only 1 hour. Nice treatment, no pain. I was told I would receive something free because they messed up my last appointment but didn’t receive anything :(
14 March 2021
Jean louis D.
Oral surgery consultation
12 March 2021
Carlos G.
Oral surgery consultation
Everything goes well, the team works very professionally and with a warm approach. I felt all their passion and knowledge working around my health. They return my smile and that has a huge impact on our lives.
11 March 2021
Daniela H.
09 March 2021
Denise S.
Dental consultation
08 March 2021
Marta U.
Peeling + Microneedling
01 March 2021
Alexandra P.
Peeling + Microneedling
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